The Edible Country in Sunne, Värmland
Photo: Tommy Peterson



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The landscape of Värmland is breathtaking in its beauty, with its deep forests and its clear blue waters. You’ll be met by its safe embrace of tranquillity that allows for much recovery and reflection. Since ancient times, Värmland has been an obvious destination for those who wish to escape everyday stress and take some time out for themselves.
Sunne is located in the heart of Värmland, where Sundsberget is a well-known hub for recreation. Here, you are given the opportunity to replenish your energy and to explore the majestic surroundings of the forest.

The table is located in Sälglunden, a beautiful glade where the sunlight streams through the treetops, and where you exist in interaction with the serene nature. Booking a table here is more than just a wonderful dining experience, it is also an investment in yourself.

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A do-it-yourself outdoor dining experience

Decide which table and natural landscape you would like to explore and make a reservation. Your reservation includes a seat at the table, inspiring local recipes and a cooking kit with basic supplies to help prepare your findings and cook a delicious meal.

Photo: Tina Stafrén/
Eating in Swedish nature. Swedish forests are filled with edible treats such as berries, mushroom, nettles and other greens, and they are of course best enjoyed in the outdoors.

Get the full experience of the wild with our add-ons

While foraging and cooking in nature is fun, it can also be a bit of a challenge. For a truly fulfilling experience, we recommend you book an add-on. A local foraging guide, a professional chef or a comfortable accommodation nearby will make your visit all the more memorable.

Photo: August Dellert
A group gets information from a local guide before they forage for delicacies in the woods.


Be guided by nature, whether it’s up on the high ropes, kayaking across the dazzling waters or bathing on the viewing deck at Arvika. For an unforgettable adventure along the flowing river, grab a timber raft package. Personalise your own raft and create a truly powerful outdoor experience that will live long in the memory. 

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A wooden table placed in the forest. A tent can be seen in the background.
Swedish Lapland


A table placed in nature on a frozen lake with mountains in the background
Swedish Lapland


A table placed on a cliff in the Stockholm archipelago. The sun is shining and the sea is in the background.
Stockholm archipelago


A table placed in the west Sweden archipelago on a cliff by the water.
West Sweden


A wooden table on a hill by trees, with views of a lake.


A table placed in the forest.


A table placed in the forest in the autumn.