The Edible Country, Småland
Photo: August Dellert/

The edible country


Welcome to Sweden – when the time is right

Sweden currently has imposed travel restrictions due to the corona virus. Read the latest information from the Government of Sweden.

We will continue to inspire future travelling but for now we hope that you stay safe where you are. Welcome to Sweden – The Edible Country – when the time is right.

Photo: Per Pixel Petersson/
The stunning archipelago on the west coast of Sweden.

Natural and healthy food is just as tasty and easy to make as any other food. By cooking it in the nature, you can also get the positive health effects that a close-to-nature lifestyle comes with. That’s why we’ve created the world’s largest gourmet restaurant: the Edible Country of Sweden. Because here, tasty and healthy food is just around the corner – in our forests, lakes and meadows. 

Reserve your seat at the Edible Country table of your choice. If it’s fully booked, don’t worry, there’s another 100 million acres of fine do-it-yourself dining available for you.

A special thanks to our partners Fjällräven and Primus.

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A table placed in nature on a frozen lake with mountains in the background
Swedish Lapland


A table placed on a cliff in the Stockholm archipelago. The sun is shining and the sea is in the background.
Stockholm archipelago


A table placed in the west Sweden archipelago on a cliff by the water.
West Sweden


A wooden table surrounded by trees by a calm lake.
Gothenburg, West Sweden


A wooden table on a hill by trees, with views of a lake.


A table placed in the forest.


A table placed in the forest in the autumn.